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Module Store | PCBWay+ Community | PCBWay Website Exploration 06

by: Dec 23,2022 1771 Views 0 Comments Posted in Help Center

The module store is another popular part of our community, and it provides you with popular modules and special PCBWay gadgets. For all the listed products in our store, you can directly buy them in cash or redeem them with the beans. Before we dig into our store, let’s first understand what are PCBWay beans.


PCBWAY Points and Beans


To give back to our customers, we offer a wide selection of rewards mechanisms including Reward Points and Beans. Rewards points are linked to the membership level that determines the corresponding discount you get when placing an order and other special benefits. As your points rack up, you will get a higher discount for your orders, up to 5%. While the bean is a tool to redeem gifts, modules, and coupons in the store. You can earn points and beans when placing orders, answering other customers' questions, and sharing open-source projects in our community. The redemption of modules or gifts in the PCBWay store will not consume the accumulated points, but the number of beans will be subtracted each time correspondingly.


Module Store


After getting the beans, you can then go to the store to redeem the modules you need. The product page will give you a comprehensive overview of a module with more details. If the modules you want are not listed in the store, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “CREATE A WISH LIST” to add your demands.


PCBWayer Bazaar


To help customers better promote their products, we have specially launched the PCBWayer Bazaar, where they can sell their products and set the sale price on their own. In turn, they can also buy many excellent projects from other people here. The bazaar boasts clients from over 140 countries and cooperates with many express companies that help clients save costs and sell their products worldwide.

At PCBWayer Bazaar, your products can be produced by yourself or by PCBWay with our PCB and PCBA services. All in all, as long as your product is a finished product that has been successfully tested, it can be sold here directly. If there are any complete hardware products, 3D printing products, or other DIY electronics you want to sell, you can go to the PCBWay website and submit your online application form.


Gift Commission

In the module store, we have a special gift commission for people who share products with others. You can find a specific promotion link at the lower right corner of every product page after logging in. When others place an order through your shared link and complete the transaction, you can receive a corresponding commission proportional to the order amount. Also, you can withdraw the commission when it exceeds $10 in your account.


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